Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Evil Plan - Iona the Seeker

Here's some pictures of The Evil Plan in play. Notice that it looks a lot like Klondike solitaire. I apologize for the poor quality pictures and blog formatting.

Here we have Iona's Assets laid out. The pile starting with the 9 of Spades is the Death Tree; a petrified yet ever growing huge oak tree that drains souls.

The Queen of Spades [mook] is a nasty Dire Wight named Shriek! who lives in the barrens around Iona's home, they seem to have an uneasy truce.

Finally, the Queen of Hearts [clout] is Baron Taldash, a brutish thug who owes his very nobility to Iona's continued mind control enchantments on the King.

Uh, oh. Iona sent Shriek! to go stop the garrison (above the Ace) that was being built by the local villages sick of being terrorized and Shriek! got smoked.

This is a close up of Iona's Evil Plan to cause the villages to suffer (so she can bottle the suffering to use for unsavory purposes later). Also, Shriek! has been defeated. Bye, Shriek! For Iona's [mook], we go to Burrow Worm, a burrowing worm who seems to think you're its mommy.

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